This Steel Group Lockout box  is ideal for use in lockout situations where multiple employees and energy sources are involved. All keys can be stored in the lock box before and during isolation. The group lock box is then locked by the supervisor using a single padlock. One the job is completed the work can be checked by the supervisor before releasing and re-issuing the keys enabling re-start. Group Lockout Box is made of heavy-duty steel and is powder coated for extra rust resistance. Accommodates up to 12 padlocks on lid, and one on lockable clasp in front. It features a lockable storage and group lockout compartment.



Simplifies lockout of large equipments and helps ensure maximum security for complex work team situations. After machine or process is locked out, the key or keys of the machines are placed in a lock box. Each authorised work team member places a personal lock on the group lock box.
Ensures that no single employee has access to the box unless all employees have removed their locks.

  • Box of size 154 mm x 255 mm x 105 mm. Made of special grade Metallic Sheet.
  • Red Powder Coated and supplied with 12 Nos. rectangular round slots in the box body and its flap for holding lockout padlocks. Accommodates up to 13 workers, and even more with the use of lockout hasps.
  • 13th No. padlock can be installed on the locking buckle.
  • For easy handling and carrying – an easy-to-grip, ergonomic Stainless Steel handle is provided on the top side.
  • Each box is powder coated Red
  • Lockout message is normally printed in English, other Regional Language / Company Logo / Dept. Name can also be incorporated on request.
  • Each piece is individually packed in white corrugated box.
GSET – GLB – R 13 Group Lock Box – Red 13
GSET – GLB – Y 13 Group Lock Box – Yellow 13
GSET – GLB – R 7 Group Lock Box – Red 7


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