• High Visibility With 360° Reflectivity
  • High Stability
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy Storage
  • Bright Reflective Tapes



Made from high quality PE plastic, these posts are strong and durable, uneasy to be corroded or broken. And the reflecting layer will not fade as well due to the elaborate craft. Covered by the light-reflecting layer of Orange and White, the posts are so conspicuous that they would catch people’s attention at a long distance. This  safety barrier posts are especially suitable for occasions like crowd control in banks, airports, stadiums, etc. With the big bottom base and the plastic chains connecting the posts to each other, this safety barrier set will be really steady. Injected with water, the posts can even easily stay balance in bad weather. Extremely flexible & soft posts so as not to damage the vehicle at collision and to be restored. soon to its to original shape, Size-Height-750 mm x Diameter 75 mm


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