Spill kits are a must-have for industrial workplaces. You never know when a spill of hazardous liquids might occur, and you want to be fully prepared if one does. Spills of hazardous substances such as chemicals, fuels, lubricants, and coolants cost significant amounts of money each year in lost revenue, lead to pauses in production, and result in safety fines. Don’t run the risk of improper spill handling. Instead enlist the help of a proper emergency spill kit equipped with supplies to fit your business’ unique needs.

We offer multiple spill kit choices including universal, oil-only, and chemical spill kits. You can even create a custom kit to meet your specific emergency needs.

Product Code: OSK30



When responding to oil and fuel spills of up to 30 Gallon, this spill kit is the one to choose. Because it is packed in a bright yellow labelled wheelie bin it is easy to locate and take to the site of the spill. The highly absorbent oil pads are easy to deploy and retrieve. Oil Spill Kit- 30 Gallon which offers outstanding absorbency and durability properties. Spill kit is used to clean oil on land and water; petroleum based solvents and paints, vegetable oils and other non-water soluble chemicals. Self-contained Kit stores sorbent products for easy access as needed for spill control; saves time when quick response is necessary.

  • Great value spill kits supplied with high quality absorbents and accessories
  • Absorbents are supplied in high-visibility ‘wheelie-bins’ to provide a fast, mobile spill response across your site
  • Our 2-wheeled bins keep your absorbents clean & dry and deliver sensible long-term value as they can be re-stocked with individual absorbents or our refill kits
  • Can be placed alongside other first aid and fire equipment to create a comprehensive ’emergency response station’
  • Made in USA
  • EVO Recycled absorbents are made from recycled cotton fibres, designed for use with all common, non hazardous fluids and are safe for use on oils, fuels and solvents
  • Oil-only or ‘hydrophobic’ absorbents repel water and are designed specifically for cleaning up oil-based liquids.

Spill Kit Contents

  • Heavy weight absorbent pads
  • Absorbent Sock
  • Absorbent Pillow
  • Chemicals splash proof goggle
  • Pair of gloves
  • Disposal bags
  • Scoop & Brush
  • Instruction
  • Label
  • Yellow color spill kit container with 2 wheel


  • Oil
  • Diesel
  • Petrol
  • Other fuels and hydrocarbons


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