Approved all over the world, our Solo smoke aerosols (used with the Solo 330/332 dispensers) deliver smoke particles to the detector under test replicating the conditions of smoke from a fire. Our range of smoke aerosols has recently increased to allow continued use of our Solo 330/332 dispensers in full compliance with latest regulations.



The new Solo A10s, Solo A10 & A5 smoke detector tester have been designed to change the Solo A3 and are suitable for tests all kinds of smoke detectors put into properties all around the entire world. Solo A10 has positioned very considerably the everyday tester. If a flammable solution is crucial after all there are the Solo A5  & A10S as a solution.

The Solo A5 canned smoke detector tester for its 250ml bottle size with this in mind fits straight into the Solo 330/332, but can also be utilized as a hand-held fuel canister, in other words, it checks fuel operates by smoke detector tester providing smoke particles to the detector underneath.  This test, replicating the circumstances of smoke from a fireplace in a protected and clear manner hence clean testing.

Solo A3 is no longer available Therefore Solo A10s and Solo A5 developed instead of Solo A3.

The new regulations mean that Solo A3, Solo A7, Aero 300 gas canisters will be phased out.

Key features include:

  • Detector manufacturer approved
  • Designed for use with Solo 330 dispenser
  • Compliant with regulations
  • UL certified
  • Product Code: Solo A5


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