Every day in many industries, people are sustaining hand and finger injuries that are preventable. Using the correct safety device should be an essential part of everyday life. If you are working in areas where objects could hit you on the head, you would wear a hard hat. If your eyes are at risk from foreign objects or wind blown particles, you would wear safety glasses.



The FingerSaver is intended to offer support of the tool equivalent to that of hands and fingers; its design carefully considered and tested on typical applications and uses where large spanners and flogging spanners are used on nuts and bolts. As all applications may vary, a risk assessment of its appropriate safe use should always be assessed by the user, prior to each and every operation

The FingerSaver may be considered for use in other applications and/or on other tools, where the operator wishes to move hands and fingers further away from the risk of impact or pinching; again the operator MUST independently assess whether its use is appropriate and ultimately safe

The materials of construction of the FingerSaver are designed to be light in weight and quick and easy to support and release the tool supported; if dropped the FingerSaver is unlikely to injure the user easily, damage equipment or directly generate sparks in hazardous environments. The materials have been selected and developed to be resistant to ozone and atmospheric ageing and are also resistant to a large number of contaminants, in particular general lubricants that may contaminate its surface through contact with soiled work gloves and or soiled plant areas. If any part of the FingerSaver is subjected to any known aggressive contaminant and/or shows any sign of damage or deterioration through product contamination we recommend the FingerSaver is safely disposed of. The main plastic body is designed not to splinter upon impact and will not deteriorate easily; the operator/user should however inspect the FingerSaver as they should any other tool and only use if not obviously damaged. If any part of the FingerSaver is significantly damaged through impact or pinching it should again be disposed of safely.


  • The Finger saver is an indispensable assembly and disassembly tool that protects fingers and hands from injuries.
  • The product consists of a premium quality, highly robust plastic sheath, a rubber tensioner and a strap made of safety belt material (as used in motor vehicles).
  • It is sturdy but light-weight, and extremely easy to handle.
  • When used correctly, it is highly unlikely that the user could injure himself on the Fingersaver, that machinery or systems could be compromised in any way, or that its use could result in sparking in explosive environments.

Product Range

  • Length 375 mm 
  • Length 850 mm
  • Length 265 mm 


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