Design: Soft pack 

Area of application: Industry 

Accreditations: DIN 58647 7 (filter also tested according to EN 14387: 2004)

Filter: Combination ABEK P3 (against toxic gases, vapours an industry and particles)

Operating time: 15 minutes


Drager PARAT 4720 Escape Hood In Soft Pack

The Drager Parat 4720 is a Drager Escape Hood, designed to provide the wearer with the quickest escape possible. This particular version of the Parat is the soft pack, which provides a minimum of 15 minutes escape time.

With the integrated ABEK P3 filter this escape hood will be protect you against a number of toxic gases, vapours and also particles. The filter will automatically be released from its packaging when opened.

The Draeger Parat 4720 is ready to use and features a self-adjusting internal harness so once its donned you are able to leave the hazardous area as soon as possible.
A small window on the packaging will allow the condition of the hood and the filter expiration date to be checked at a glance.

  • Able to be clipped to a belt or a shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Security seal – helps identify whether the unit has been opened
  • Filter is sealed with two filter plugs
  • Highly visible coloured hood
  • Well-placed exhalation valve
  • Wide field of vision
  • Anti-fog coated lens
Dimensions (LxWxH) 245 x 160 x 110 mm
Size 675 g
Escape Time Minimum 15 mins
Service Life  8 years
IP Rating 5 (dust protection)
Approvals according to DIN 58647-7 (filter additionally tested in accordance with EN 14387:2004)


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